LetotFamilyMarkerLOCATION:  3235 Lombardy Lane, Dallas, TX (at the northwest section of Calvary Hill Cemetery) – View on Google Maps

French native & veteran of the Crimean War, Clement Le Tot (1836-1907), first buried sons, Theodore (d. 1884) & Paul (d. 1885) here. He is buried beside his sons.

DGS volunteers surveyed the cemetery in 1982.  It was published in Dallas County Texas: Genealogical Data from Early Cemeteries, Vol. 1, 1982. The information has been updated with information from death certificates and obituaries from The Dallas Morning News.


GPS:  32°52’16.14695″,  -96°52’19.67264″

Texas Historic Commission Sign Transcription

A native of France and a veteran of the Crimean War, Clement LeTot (b. 1836) settled in northwest Dallas County in 1874. He was the founder and leading citizen of the town of Letot, which was established in 1881 along the rail line. As was the custom of early Texas pioneers, Letot set aside a plot of his land for the burial of family members. The first burials here were for his sons Theodore (d. 1884) and Paul (d. 1885). Letot was buried beside his sons in 1907. Now a part of the City of Dallas, the Letot Cemetery represents an important part of Dallas County’s ethnic heritage. (1984)